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Nutrition and sports performance: the perfect combination for a healthy life

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Nutrition and Sports Performance the Perfect Combination


There are times that we maintain a balanced diet but we don’t take time to do some physical activity, or we have an exercise routine but we don’t eat in the most appropriate way. These two situations are, in fact, something quite common that we must begin to unify. Nutrition and sports performance are activities that you should not miss the opportunity to combine.

There are ways to work on these two aspects at the same time. If you have a plan to lose weight or gain weight , you can adjust to an eating routine to improve results. In the same way, having knowledge about nutrition is important for each stage of our lives, in order to avoid future discomfort in our body.

Magic foods: truth or trick?

Magic foods do not exist, if you want to achieve your goals you need a proper diet to reach it. You must know your needs and then build your action plan.

Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert fueling strategies for training, recovery, and performance

An example of this is the difference between weight loss and weight gain routines. Both combine nutrition and sports , in such a way that you will notice the results earlier than you think.

Of course, in this process you need to clarify with your coach what you want to achieve, as well as have perseverance and discipline. It is recommended that you go to a professional for advice.

Losing weight

Some recommendations to follow regarding your meals:

  • Do not consume processed foods, these have few nutrients and do not take away the feeling of hunger.
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables and grains.

Do not follow “miracle diets” that are usually very restrictive, in terms of what you can or cannot consume.

  • Losing weight does not mean that you forget about your muscles, you need to work your whole body at the same time.
  • Do not make any food something essential, eat in a healthy and varied way, with foods that fill you up and have few calories.

Advanced Sports Nutrition

Slimming exercises

Those exercises that help you lose weight the most are those that require intensity. Running and cycling are good examples, even walking can have an effect if you do it right. Also, if you also want to tone your muscles, you need a routine for each muscle group, keeping in mind that you should not focus on gaining strength, but resistance.

Building muscles

In this case, the opposite of the above occurs, you require a positive balance of calories and consume more than are necessary in your daily routine. In this way, muscle development will be efficient and at the same time you will be able to shape the different muscle groups.

More food and more exercise equals more muscle

You need to eat higher calorie foods in order to increase your muscle mass, but they must be healthy. Processed foods must be left aside, hamburgers and pizzas too. Some foods that would help you in the hyper-caloric diet are: legumes, nuts and whole grains.

Weight exercises

The most important thing is to focus on gaining muscle mass. A good exercise to start with is to perform squats with weights, in these you only need some weights or dumbbells that increase the effort in your legs and buttocks.

Always with a full stomach

After exercising you always have to eat, no matter if your goal is to lose weight or gain it, since that stops the catabolic process in the muscles and thus they change to a respiratory and growth process.


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