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Looking for motivation to exercise when tired in2022

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Finding Motivation to Exercise When Tired


 Looking for motivation to exercise? Maybe you’ve thought of reasons to start a physical routine, but you can’t find them. Surely you had more excuses in mind than solutions for that situation.

The world is full of made excuses

why not exercise

  • Lack of interest.
  • Little time.
  • You give priority to doing other activities in your free time.
  • Would rather go to a gym but you don’t have extra money.
  • Feeling uncomfortable doing it.

Sport causes our body to release endorphins that will help us feel better. There are always alternatives, if you have a physical disability you can look for exercises that you can do in your condition.

Some of these are:

  • Little by little you improve your physical appearance.
  • Leads to improve your health.
  • Helps you have better sleep.
  • You can release stress and anxiety from day to day.

The number of benefits is incredible. It may be that, despite knowing this, you are not ready to want to exercise. For this reason, we will explain in detail some benefits.

Mental health benefits

Exercise as part of therapy helps our mental health.

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If you have ever gone to therapy or know someone who has, you will know that sport is always recommended.

Improving your appearance

Without a doubt, a motivation for many people to exercise is to improve their physical appearance. This helps our self-esteem, how we perceive ourselves, and therefore, how others perceive us.

Motivation? Where and how do I find it?

Having an achievable goal, that we can achieve little by little, will help you to visualize more clearly what you want. For example, choosing your favorite sport will make physical activity more pleasant. Another way to motivate yourself is to exercise with a close friend, the company is always useful to make an effort, and even more so if common goals are set.

Integrate sport into your daily life, so that you get your body used to the movement, whether it’s to go to work or go shopping.

To this is added perseverance, set a fixed time at least three times a week to exercise, and do not avoid it! Meet your fitness quota.

Keep in mind that rest is necessary. If you do intense exercises, let there be a free period for your body and mind to adjust. This can help you avoid injuries, which is of vital importance since there is nothing worse than exercising with some physical discomfort that prevents you from moving.

  • Install an application on your cell phone that helps you plan your routine and reminds you at what time you should exercise. Also, one that suggests what physical activity you can do according to your condition.

If you are one of the people who prefer to exercise outside, change places, visit those places that are frequented by others who exercise; so you can get more motivation.

  • Don’t let a sedentary lifestyle become part of you. This does not mean that now you are not going to rest, but that you should not let the lack of encouragement dominate you.
  • Always reward yourself, not everything is effort. Every time you achieve a goal treat yourself, whether it’s a meal, new sportswear, or just a day off.

Exercise before sleep, does it help?

There are two opinions regarding this issue, some say yes, while others say it is not recommended. The truth is that if you do it two hours before bed, the results can be better than if they were 30 minutes before. Sure, exhaustion might make you fall asleep fast, but you sure won’t get restful sleep.

Surely throughout the day, it is difficult to find a space to exercise, between work and family activities, thinking about exercising can be overwhelming. Therefore, if your only time is at night, try to do your physical activities before bedtime. The important thing is that you exercise, do not stop doing it.

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