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Diet to lose weight and reduce the stomach in 1 month

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Monthly Diet to Weight Loss Program

I propose a Diet to lose weight loss method that will reduce the volume of your stomach in a healthy and effective way in 3 weeks and that will help you eat less and stay slim.

You just need motivation and wanting to take care of yourself and in just 3 weeks with this weight loss diet that I have designed, the volume of your stomach will naturally reduce which will allow you to eat less, be healthier and lose weight.


  1. Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are hungry at all hours, especially in the afternoon?
  2. Would you like to be one of those people who eat little and feel full?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, this weight loss diet interests you because it will help you “train” your appetite and reduce your stomach naturally, without pills, without surgery.

Eo yes, this method is designed for people who really want to lose weight and really make a change in their way of eating. They also have to be highly motivated as the first two weeks are quite intense. In addition, it is a highly recommended diet for people with a lot of stress, swelling, headaches or who usually take antacids since, in addition to losing weight, it helps improve these disorders. Let’s start!


Many patients come to my office complaining that no diet works for them because they are always hungry. And I explain to them that it’s normal for them to be hungry because their stomachs have trouble going from a large portion to a smaller one. I tell them to think of their stomach as a balloon. If you fill it with a little water, when it is emptied it returns to its normal size. But if they fill it too much and on a regular basis it stretches and in the end the rubber gives way.

And what happens then? The stomach gets used to consuming a lot of food and needs more and more to feel full. Think that when the stomach feels the pressure of food on its walls, it sends a message of satiety to the brain. A stomach that has given itself needs a lot of food to send this signal.  My proposal: make the capacity of that balloon that is your stomach smaller and make you feel full eating less.


There are many ways to reduce the stomach. You can resort to surgery or put on a gastric band. You could also go to an island like the one in “Survivors” to eat rice and fish for weeks… But with my method you will achieve it without endangering your health, because it covers all nutritional needs and supposes a change that is maintained over time. It is not a simple diet, it will change the way you eat.

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Surely after what I have told you, this is the doubt that assails you right now. Think of a bodybuilder who constantly trains his muscles to bulk up and what happens when he drops the weights. Does it seem that his musculature “shrinks”? Well, that’s what we’re going to achieve: reduce your digestive volume. I will make your stomach move a little, I will make it “lazy” so that when you eat half a plate you already feel full.


To achieve this, in the first phase we will give your stomach very little work with foods that are very easy to digest (pureed vegetables, steamed fish) and many of these, moreover, we will give them already crushed. Almost as if they were predigested. In the following phases we will gradually recover normal food, so that your stomach gradually gets used to smaller amounts.


This week the goal is to make the stomach work very little. It may seem like a monotonous and somewhat demanding diet. But you will see that it is very motivating, because you will immediately have results.

  • All cooked and minced. The stomach is like a mixer. If we put raw foods it takes a while to puree them, on the other hand, if they are already cooked, it mixes them in a moment without effort. This is the idea to make your stomach work very little.
  • No iron. It sounds weird, I know. All diets go with grilled foods but in this first phase we are going to avoid it. Since the browning of the plate makes food very appetizing, activating the brain’s pleasure center and demanding more food. Instead, opt for steaming, stewing… Yes, it’s about spending a week eating foods that don’t stimulate your appetite.
  • Mix few foods . In this way, the digestive system also has to work less to digest. The dishes have to be monothematic.
  • The first are creams or vegetable broths. Allowed vegetables: zucchini, asparagus, chard, spinach, broccoli, pepper and mushrooms. For smoothies: celery, cucumber, radish, carrot, beet… Make vegetable creams with a light frying of onion (1 tablespoon of oil) and grind them a little so that there is some bump that forces you to chew a little and take them slowly.
  • The seconds, braised, stewed or steamed, neither grilled nor fried. The meat allowed: chicken, turkey or rabbit.
  • The allowed fruit: pear or apple and must be eaten cooked, not raw.
  • Try to minimize salt. Do not add vinegar or spices, because they stimulate the stomach.

In this phase, the former are vegetable cream and the latter, stewed or steamed, neither grilled nor fried.


  1. Up to 6 shots. It is very important key is to give the stomach a small amount of food at once. Instead of 3 large meals a day, better 5 and lighter. Even if at one point you feel hungry, you can make a sixth (yogurt, cooked apple…)
  2. Drink between meals. And not in the food, so that the stomach does not receive a lot of food and drink at once. Even drinking between meals, you should not drink more than a glass of water (200 ml) at a time.
  3. White plate on white tablecloth. And white vegetable cream followed by steamed white fish. If you have trouble controlling your hunger, reduce the visual stimuli that a very varied meal provides.
  4. Regular hours. They are necessary to “trick” the brain and keep hunger under control because it prevents the stomach from claiming food at all times.



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