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Complete Healthy diet to lose weight permanently 2022

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70% of women stop dieting because they do not have a definitive result. Generally, this happens because they do not know what you will learn today: a diet to lose weight quickly and permanently.

That’s right, it’s not fiction. Today I will give you the guidelines to follow so that you can build a complete diet where you will lose those extra kilos forever, and you will maintain your new figure for the rest of your life.

Join me in this article where I will show you the secret to losing weight and burning abdominal fat permanently.

What to eat in the morning?

Therefore, you must fill your plate with healthy fats, fruits, carbohydrates, and other layers of the food pyramid.

However, this is not a free pass to consume sugars, flours, and fried foods, among other foods that you know you should not eat.

Breakfast is the time to give the body what it needs and provide it with nutrients. So replace the fried eggs with avocado and the pancakes for rice tortillas.

If you think it is complicated to make a plate of healthy food, follow these steps:

  1. Take the plate where you usually eat and keep in mind that the food should fit on that plate. If you want to lose weight, then limit the consumption of flour and legumes in meals, and increase vegetables and proteins.
  2. Make sure you have a half serving of healthy fats, half of the plate should be vegetable or animal protein, one serving of carbohydrates, and one serving of vegetables or fruits.

Prepare meals the day before, or have a menu with what you plan to consume during the day. This advice, when put into practice, will help you avoid falling back on foods that do not help you lose weight, and you will have total control of what you eat.

If you can design the menu with the help of a health professional, you will have more long-term benefits because you will be nourishing yourself with everything you need and the diet will be tailored to you.

Should I eat before lunch?

Eating options between breakfast and lunch depending on how much you eat in the morning; I recommend limiting yourself to a serving of something that you can have with you at work and enjoying on the quick break.

For these hours you can eat fruit, such as an apple or a banana, a natural yogurt, some nuts or raisins.

The reason why I recommend eating lightly at this time is that lunch is near, and it is important not to consume a small portion of high-calorie foods, such as about five chocolate chip cookies.

What should I eat for lunch?

For this reason, a Caesar salad without dressings is a good option; or a portion of the protein that fills half of the plate (remember to steam it, or with an option that does not include oils or fried foods) with a portion of a quarter of your plate of vegetables, and the remaining portion can be rice.

By eating this way, you will give the body the necessary energy to carry out the tasks of the afternoon without heaviness, because the body does not need large amounts of energy to process this type of food and can progressively prepare itself to rest at night.

It should be noted that if you have the exercise routine in the afternoon or if it is carried out in the morning, you have to consume protein at lunch to feel enough energy throughout the day.

Is it good to eat 5-6 times a day to lose weight?

It was time for the small meal before dinner, and it is that going from noon to night, becomes difficult without eating anything.

Of course, these small times in which you can eat something else must be handled wisely.

Change for walnuts, almonds, and peanuts without salt, among other grains that nourish you, contain fiber, and will make you feel satiated during the afternoon.

Be aware that this should be in small portions, and should be eaten at a time when cravings run high.

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What do I prepare for dinner?

So the meal should be light. I recommend getting creative with the salads, or a whole wheat sandwich with turkey ham, lettuce, and tomato.

When it comes to drinks during the night, stick to plain water. Say no to green tea, or coffee, among others because they will supply the body with an unnecessary amount of caffeine for this moment of preparing to sleep.

This diet works perfectly to lose weight, if you are looking to take portions with a medium plate, make sure it is not large.

In addition, with it you will be able to know what your body likes most about healthy eating, and what it does not; so you can lose weight forever.

By following these instructions you will have the possibility of learning about nutrition and losing periods period.

Knowing about healthy eating gives you the possibility of preparing a menu of very nutritious meals so that the journey towards the body you want will be easier to achieve.

Practice these guidelines and you will be able to lose abdominal fat progressively in a matter of weeks.


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