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How do you do passive stretching in 2022?

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Which of the following best distinguishes static from passive stretching?

If you are a person with reduced mobility, you probably know that the lack of regular mobilization can be very harmful to your health. It may cause you pain or discomfort. It is therefore important to regularly practice some passive stretching. Passive stretches are stretching techniques where you don’t apply force yourself. A partner or coach will make it easier for you. Thanks to this type of stretching, you can move the joints from different angles and better manage stretching. Find in this article some passive stretching techniques.

Interest of passive stretching

The main purpose of passive stretching is to allow a person with reduced mobility to stretch. Dynamic movements as well as static movements which are stretching techniques allow you to benefit from another advantage. That of being done alone. But be careful, if you don’t know how to do them, it can cause problems.
The advantage that they are therefore passive is to allow the joint to be stretched in any direction. They also make it possible to apply the best stretching techniques in order to have good flexibility results. It is advisable to do your stretches very gently, because with a little negligence, it can cause serious problems. But what are the different types of passive stretching?

The yin yoga stay

Yin yoga is one of the passive stretching techniques. Indeed, yoga brings muscle strengthening and flexibility. Be aware that standing on a floating object increases these benefits and requires even more balance and concentration. The most advantageous is that some passive stretching exercises are offered to you in order to provide you with calm and well-being. Yin yoga is a very good practice for anyone with reduced mobility.
Indeed, thanks to yin yoga, the connective tissue is well stretched and lengthened by long and slow positions.

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Passive stretching machines

The advantage with this type of material is that you can adjust the difficulty. This will allow you to work on your mobility at your own pace. You also have the ability to stretch muscles and fascias in all directions and different levels. Using stretching machines is simple. You just have to stand on the machine then adjust the power, the stretching angle and wait.

Stretching with the help of a therapist

The advantage with these is that you have an optimal result and very good flexibility and suppleness. The specialist makes you take all possible positions in order to optimize the effects.
But be aware that it is not free. If you pay the therapist, you save time, and you also benefit from the expertise of the guide who will help you to have better results.




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