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A good eating healthy routine is better than a diet in 2022

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Surely you have wondered if a good eating routine is better than a diet . This is true up to a point, you just need to find that balance between not restricting yourself from eating anything and starting to avoid excess unhealthy foods. But something that must be taken into account is that eating healthy and easy is not an easy task for everyone.

We usually don’t even take time to eat healthy , so for some people a diet is something beyond impossible. But this happens, because the concern for those foods that can harm us is less and less, and today that is a serious mistake, since the large amount of processed foods rich in fat, salt and sugar, are much more attractive than a plate with the necessary portions to be able to gain energy and nutrients .

Planned food equals better results

There are times when we don’t even think about what we are going to eat and we only wait for the closest time and craving that we have, from pasta, pizzas, sushi and endless foods.

That of living on cravings sounds very tempting and appetizing, but it doesn’t bear fruit at all , and even less so if you don’t exercise either.

We are not referring to every bite you are going to take; at least, in general terms, lunch meals, which tend to be the most underestimated.

Here are some recommendations that you can incorporate into your lifestyle little by little:

Plan your purchases

Sure it may sound like something simple to do, but it is a slightly more complicated activity. Doing so implies preparing the shopping list and buying only what is fair and necessary , cravings are not always worth it. In addition, it is also included in this section that you must cook some of your meals beforehand, in this way you will take advantage of the time .

You don’t have to fry everything

There is more than one way to cook food, instead of frying everything in your path, as tempting as it sounds, don’t do it . You can also grill, bake and steam, any option that reduces the amount of fat is incredible.

Eating healthy and rich is avoiding excesses, not eating with guilt

Something that characterizes a diet is that you have a stricter diet . This leads to you becoming more and more conscious about what you eat, but it can reach the limits where you start to feel guilty if you eat something outside of your diet. Having this kind of attitude towards food is not healthy, since we begin to see food more as a physiological need than as an enjoyable activity.

These do not provide anything nutritional to our body, in addition to fats that will accumulate in different areas of our body.

Recommendations to eat healthy and rich

Eating healthy and rich is possible, so here are some tips to stop eating with guilt:

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself : Learn to silence that voice in your head that constantly disapproves of your every bite. Start by telling yourself that you love yourself and that’s why you take care of yourself.

It is not being on a diet : Have an eating habit that allows you to have a healthy weight, but also a full and happy life.

  • Eat until you are satisfied : Your body knows when you have reached the limit and sends you a satiety signal when you have eaten what you need. listen to it
  • Say no to emotional hunger : If you have an irresistible desire to eat something specific, it is a craving. If you already feel satisfied, but you can’t stop eating, it’s anxiety.
  • These feelings are not healthy, they lead us to a state of constant stress that can end up producing an increase in fat accumulation. Consequently, this behavior is what leads diets to failure.

Goodbye diet: welcome to healthy and easy eating

We have to stop diets, which are almost always destined to fail , since they are based on prohibition and restriction. It has to return to the pleasure of eating , which is not a luxury, but a vital component.

If you improve your culinary skills, every dish you try will be more enjoyable . But if it is the case that you do not even have time to cook, try to find alternatives. Naturalistic restaurants are becoming more and more fashionable.


Natural food: be aware of what we eat and what is good for us




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